Go Paint


Go Paint

Go Paint is where you come in to the store and pick out your paint project, you get a set of 3 paints (each additional color is $2), a set of brushes, and you can take them home and paint at your own pace, or for up to two weeks. When you are all done you can bring everything back to the studio and have your project fired.


Go Paint Party

What an  awesome way to have a paint party wherever you want! You can pay a group rate of 5, 10, and 15 guests and it will include your paint project, paints, brushes, and firing. Than you take it to wherever you want, have your party and bring it all back to be fired. If you need a paint party host to come and host your party that is also an option.


What it cost and how it works.

Go Paint

Pay the price of the ceramic.

pay $5 paint and fire fee.

Get your project plus three colors of paint (each additional color is $2) and a set of brushes. 

Take it all home and paint for up to two weeks.

Bring it all back with in the two weeks and have it fired.

Your item will be fired within one to two week and can be picked up, or we can ship it to your home for a $10 shipping fee.

Go Paint Party

Party setup fee is $25.00

Parties must be schedualed two weeks in advance.

Pay the price of the ceramic item (We can do special order items for parties with Three weeks advance  order).

Payment for ceramic items is due at the time you book your party and is nonrefundable.

There is a $5 paint and fire fee for each item.

You will get five paint colors and a large set of paint brushes, (each additional paint color will be $3 per color)

You will have up to two weeks to bring everything back to the studio to be fired. your item will be fired and ready for you to pick up within one to two weeks, we will call you when they are ready to be picked up.